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Outdoor Pole Banners

Outdoor Pole Banners are a production staple at Indy Imaging. They’re extensively utilized by your customers for many types of advertising. Indy Imaging can help produce large or small quantities to meet your needs.

Things to consider when ordering…

  1. What is your customer’s application – how are they going to use it?

  2. Are there any critical colors to match?

  3. What is the outer diameter of the pole being used?

  4. What is the finished size when ready to be installed?

  5. Is the art setup so that text and graphic does not get into the pocket?

  6. Pole Pocket Safe Area

  7. Are windslits needed/required? Are there any city specifications?

  8. How are they being viewed? Pedestrian traffic or automobile traffic?

  9. If my order is a large quantity, do I need a proof banner for approval?

  10. Does your customer need the pole banner bracket kits?

  11. Finishing Options Include:

  12. a. Grommets

    b. Windslits

    c. Cut to Shape

Outdoor Pole Banners Street Scene