• This product is designed for application to rigid sheets
  • Back lit sign cabinet graphics
  • Channel letter graphics
  • Poly-carb or Acrylic

Backlit PSV

Indy Imaging offers a 4ml Clear PSV including a 4ml clear laminate. We print a three layered file with UV ink including white, giving a vibrant display at night when lit. Customer will apply this to there substrate, first surface and just slide in their illuminated cabinet. This product gives you a competitive edge over your competition.


Image | White | Image

Indy Imaging worked for many years to develop a commercial backlit product that wouldn’t wash out at night time. After vigorous testing we developed what we call the day/night backlit. The day/night backlit is our custom translucent vinyl used to apply to substrates for sign cabinets or light boxes. Our technology allows us to print a special three layer file with white ink that gives the day/night backlit its brilliance. The colors pop during the day and illuminate with amazing vibrance at night.



  • Clear pressure 4ml sensitive vinyl (PSV)
  • Clear laminate


  • Cut to size

Shipping – Fed Ex

  • Delivers in 1-2 days in most parts of the country
  • Second Day
  • Standard Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • First AM Overnight
  • Delivers in 1-2 days in most parts of the country
Services may vary per location. Custom shipping is available upon request.